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Solar energy is becoming increasingly important as the world seeks to transition to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly energy system.

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Gensun Solar is a leading solar power firm that offers a complete line of turnkey solar system solutions for residential, commercial, and government clients.

G ensun Solar is working to implement solar power for all. We want solar to be affordable and easy to access, especially for underserved communities. By making solar more accessible through our solar leasing program, we are making it possible for families in these communities to invest in their homes, reduce energy costs, and take steps toward a brighter future. 

GenSun Solar for your home carries huge advantages, not least of all the ability to provide your home with up to 60% of clean renewable energy, significantly reducing your carbon footprint. The energy that solar generates goes well beyond light switches too; you can expect to power all your high consumption appliances like your fridge, microwave, and television.

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We are making a difference in our communities and our world with solar power. By ensuring the families in the underserved communities we serve have access to affordable solar power, we can support Gensun Solar four primary goals.

First and foremost, we are helping families to save money and improve the homes they live in. At Gensun Solar, we don’t have to make every dollar, but we do have to save our customers every dollar.

Diversity is one of our strongest values, and it is important to us that we work directly with people from the communities we serve. More than 65% of Gensun Solar employees are women or people of color.

By providing affordable solar, we are bringing change to communities that need it most. When our customers save money on their utility costs, that money is then put right back into their economy, supporting growth on a local level.

When solar is affordable, more people are likely to invest in the technology. While this creates a large environmental impact, it also has an extreme impact on our customers. Gensun Solar energy efficiency upgrades ensure that our customers’ homes are safe, clean places to live in. Solar has a global impact—but Gensun Solar is also helping our customers’ live safer, healthier lives. 


No two homes are exactly alike, so the first step is to determine whether solar is right for you. Our solar experts will visit your home and develop a customized solar solution for you and your family.

Project Management

When you’re ready to move forward with solar, Gensun makes it easy. We’ll handle the paperwork, including permits and project documentation. We’ll even negotiate with your insurance!


With a strong plan in place and the paperwork out of the way, Gensun Solar will schedule, plan, and complete the installation of your new solar system. You will receive high-quality solar panels installed by true solar experts.

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Why should I go solar?

Solar power saves you money monthly by reducing your energy costs from a variable rate from your utility company to a fixed lower rate from Solar.

No two homes are the same, so we will design a system specifically for the amount of energy you consumed over the past 12 months. This will ensure an accurate account of how much solar we would need to produce the same amount of energy at a much lower fixed  monthly cost. 

So rebates and incentives vary from state to state.

The most significant is the 30% federal investment tax credit (ITC).

Is a federal tax credit that if you qualify was meant to be a down payment towards a purchase of a solar system for your home. Again, this is a tax credit and not a rebate, so please check with your tax accountant or CPA to see if you may qualify.  These incentives are only available to homeowners if they purchase their solar systems. Utilities also offer cash rebates, and other incentives. Check your state’s website to find out what they offer as Solar incentives.

Each home is different even if your neighbor has the same house as yours the energy consumption is different.  We will customize a solar savings plan specific for your home, based on your electric consumption over the last 12 months.

Studies have shown that homes with solar energy systems sell faster and for more money than homes without them.  Here are a couple articles that talk about increased value in your homes.  In most states going solar will actually increase your property value more than a kitchen renovation.





In most cases, based on your electrical consumption, we may be able to include the cost of a new roof.  These are questions that your solar professionals can answer at your in-home consultation.

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